I’m taking a short break from reality to take advantage of SXSW being in town. Since it is spring break, I have a partner in crime who doesn’t have to work, since she teaches, and is the perfect movie-going companion for an unemployed gal. The program of movies alone is overwhelming, and that doesn’t even count the general craziness out and about. The music part is just getting started, and the number of cool people walking around just exploded. Great people watching.

I’ve got a film wristband (formerly a film pass?), so we have to stand in line to get seats after the badge holders. Generally no issues getting into movies, except for a couple on the weekend where I should have known better because they were popular, big release movies.

So, in the first 4 days I have seen:

Unhung Hero

Cheap Thrills


Back to Abnormal

Narrative Shorts 1

The Network

Doc Shorts 1

Doc Shorts 2

I Give It A Year

… and there are still 5 days to go.


Line time!

Day 1 was a lot of horror movies, and ended with a panel that was all dudes - just like the theater at that point. I know everyone is star-struck already, but one of these guys was one of the creators of Blair Witch.

Day 2 was a beautiful day for sitting outside in line. Not such a good day for seeing movies as it turned out, but a nice day to read in the sun.

Snack breaks are important during multi-day, all-day movie marathons. Actually, we don't seem to be able to make it past 3 per day.

The director of "The Network" Eva Orner. I am a bit in love with her after seeing this movie and hearing the Q&A.