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The Some Birds

The Some Birds

The title is in hon­or of my good friends and the great times vis­it­ing them, and even help­ing them with a work event. The tequi­la and movie-going were fan­tas­tic, but I also had a good time work­ing at the city park where they were assigned and try­ing to wran­gle group after group of teenagers to lis­ten to a short...
Take the good with the smoky

Take the good with the smoky

And oth­er lessons being learned in the stove project. We are in the mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­a­tion phase doing a final round of sur­veys to try to quan­ti­fy fuel sav­ings after a few months with the effi­cient wood-burn­ing stoves. Since the fam­i­lies typ­i­cal­ly only buy wood once or twice a year, we switched to mea­sur­ing wood usage for cook­ing...
That's quite a view you have there

That’s quite a view you have there

Noth­ing like an active vol­cano to real­ly make the work­day more inter­est­ing, that, and get­ting to work out­side for a day.  
Don't forget me.

Don’t forget me.

One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip. One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip! Whew. The end is in sight. Actu­al­ly, I will prob­a­bly be more sad than glad that the project is com­ing to a close. It has been a lot of fun trav­el­ing around and vis­it­ing all the dif­fer­ent Vol­un­teer sites to cause chaos (with the best of...
2 days of flowers and work

2 days of flowers and work

I mean work and flow­ers. Def­i­nite­ly in that order. To work on the super-secret, super-awe­some soc­cer ball project, I got to tag along on the practicum vis­it of a cou­ple of trainees in the nat­ur­al resource man­age­ment pro­gram. The vis­it was to the Bosque La Pri­mav­era in Guadala­jara, and it was def­i­nite­ly worth a sec­ond vis­it. I was there...
My favorite type of day

My favorite type of day

Full of good peo­ple talk­ing about good things over great food, and I have a new cer­tifi­cate of appre­ci­a­tion for the solar stove and effi­cient cook­stove work.
How to build a combustion chamber

How to build a combustion chamber

The trick­i­est por­tion of the effi­cient cook­stove con­struc­tion process is assem­bling the inter­nal com­bus­tion cham­ber. It isn’t dif­fi­cult, but requires a few sets of hands and under­stand­ing how the inte­ri­or pieces fit togeth­er. Two women hold the pieces in place while a third filled in around them with the sand/gravel mix­ture. This was the fourth stove assem­bly...
Gotta get out more

Gotta get out more

Thank good­ness I have sec­ondary projects out­side of the office so that I don’t miss when the wild­flow­ers explode into bloom.
Before and After

Before and After

The stove instal­la­tions are actu­al­ly almost all done. I saw 4 yes­ter­day and 1 today, and I look for­ward to going back and tak­ing all the “before” and “after” pic­tures. The instal­la­tion is a quick process, except for con­fig­ur­ing the chim­ney. The women typ­i­cal­ly have to drill holes in the walls of their kitchens or remove a few roof tiles to...
Burning, burning wood

Burning, burning wood

But now so much less wood. The first few effi­cient wood-burn­ing stoves from our USAID Small Project Assis­tance grant have been installed. They seem awe­some, and the woman are report­ing excel­lent results. The reduc­tion in wood usage is imme­di­ate­ly appar­ent, but I will wait to take mea­sure­ments until all the stoves are installed and they have...
Superhero or SNAFU?

Superhero or SNAFU?

You can either ignore the pile of dirty laun­dry in the back­ground or see it as an indi­ca­tor. I leave it to each of you indi­vid­u­al­ly to decide as you see the events of the week unfold­ing. Holy crap it’s only Tues­day. It bet­ter not start rain­ing. I need to go for a run. There are just no inter­est­ing...
Power through it

Power through it

If I can’t climb on the week­end, then I can at least pow­er through some work.