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Local Flavor

Local Flavor

Also known as Eey­ore’s Birth­day Par­ty. Not that the name makes any more sense, but this year was the 50th annu­al cel­e­bra­tion. Oh Austin. You can google the actu­al event and read the history. I tried to most­ly stay away from just tak­ing pic­tures of wacky peo­ple, so I focused on wacky ani­mals and their peo­ple instead....
Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

I know. I know. I’m sup­posed to be tran­si­tion­ing to more pro­fes­sion­al mate­r­i­al on the blog while I am still search­ing for employ­ment, but I was giv­en a new dinosaur! In minia­ture! Per­fect for new pho­to projects. We did some bak­ing today — after I did my yoga and sent out a cou­ple of cov­er let­ters and resumés, of course. You...
What moving back looks like

What moving back looks like

3 weeks out and I can final­ly edit the pack­ing pic­tures with­out the pan­icky feel­ing com­ing back. Every­thing fit and made it back. I would say with no prob­lems, but pack­ing day was stress­ful enough that it was a prob­lem at the time. I made it down to Mex­i­co for Peace Corps ser­vice with 2 huge checked bags, 1 large car­ry-on...
Camp Mariposas - the weekend finale

Camp Mariposas — the weekend finale

It’s time to wrap up the camp posts. I have to keep check­ing the cal­en­dar to con­vince myself that it has only been one week (tomor­row) since the end of the camp. What a week it has been. I’m so con­fused by what day it is and what is going on. So, the final week­end of the camp,...
Camp Mariposas - Day 5

Camp Mariposas — Day 5

I real­ly need to fin­ish post­ing about the camp, because it gets hard­er and hard­er to recall the details as the days go by. I guess that is because so much as been hap­pen­ing over the last week. Like fin­ish­ing ser­vice and mov­ing back to the US yes­ter­day. Oh, but enough about that. Back to the...
Camp Mariposas - Day 4

Camp Mariposas — Day 4

Health Day was a lot of fun, exclud­ing the impor­tant the pre­sen­ta­tion about sex­u­al health and con­tra­cep­tion. It was inter­est­ing, and I was very hap­py that the girls were ask­ing a lot of ques­tions, but I’m not sure that fun is the right word. Taek­won­do class was a blast though. A teacher from a local school came with 4 of her stu­dents....
Camp Mariposas - Day 3

Camp Mariposas — Day 3

Well, as expect­ed, I’m falling far­ther and far­ther behind in my efforts to edit and upload pho­tos each day. The days are get­ting longer as we slow­ly pull out of win­ter and as each day’s activ­i­ties and the evening dra­ma of the camp extends into my sleep time. I’m actu­al­ly tak­ing the week­end off to...
Camp Mariposas - Day 2

Camp Mariposas — Day 2

The girl’s made it through the first night with­out inci­dent or injury in their dor­mi­to­ries. We owe the chap­er­ones stay­ing with the girls big time. Day 2 was packed full, start­ing with yoga at 8:00am and then with pre­sen­ta­tions about self-esteem, crit­i­cal think­ing, and body image. All the camp par­tic­i­pants took a fair­ly inten­sive ver­sion of the...
Camp Mariposas - Day 1

Camp Mariposas — Day 1

I’m going to repeat some Face­book infor­ma­tion here because not every­one uses, or needs to use, that par­tic­u­lar site (or be con­nect­ed to me on that site). How­ev­er, I can give more back­ground and infor­ma­tion here. For this whole week, I’m help­ing at a friend’s lead­er­ship and empow­er­ment camp for young women here in Mex­i­co. The full...
Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to make a quick vis­it to the love­ly state of Aguas­calientes recent­ly. I’ve been mean­ing to vis­it the Vol­un­teer liv­ing up there, but sched­ul­ing these trips is tricky, unless you can just go with the flow and take the last-minute oppor­tu­ni­ty. This is now the most norther­ly part of Mex­i­co we are...
Let's talk about tequila

Let’s talk about tequila

I’m not one to pre­tend to have done any research. There are some inter­est­ing Mex­i­can cul­ture and culi­nary blogs out there, and you can google the sto­ry of tequi­la as well as I can. What I would like to present today is my expe­ri­ence in the tequi­la aisle at a slight­ly upscale liquor store here in town. My...
Lessons from the Ancients

Lessons from the Ancients

I final­ly made it to the famous Nation­al Muse­um of Anthro­pol­o­gy in Mex­i­co City. It is an over­whelm­ing­ly impres­sive col­lec­tion, so of course I’m going to have to make light of it. But real­ly, it was great and a must see like every­one says. I prob­a­bly should have paid for the audio guide, but I like wan­der­ing too.